I am talking about the mumbai’s train…

It is lifeline of mumbaikar… I did lots of travelling through local during collage and my first job. Travelling was more than 4 hours a day. 

But that journey has toughts me lots of lesson about life. I have seen various layers and stages of human life during this Local journey. As i have travelled without ticket for more than 2 years, my concentration level has increased tremediously. Even today i know all the special location at each station where TC can caught me.😂😂

When I was caught by TC, I learned how to tackle the pressure and unexpected problems of life without getting nervous.

After few events similar to this i was able to convince the TC. Thats another quality which I gain from this journey.

One very surprising thing which i noticed that our sixth sense power increaees a lot in local travelling. I used to travell from Panvel to Wadala at morning 6:00 Am. So daily i used to sleep in train at panvel. When train was passing through a wadala bridge automatically I used to wake up.

I was able to identify that sudden change in vibrations and surrounding sound in train which occurs due to crossing of bridge and that too in deep sleep. That was so amazing quality i have.😉

I have seen many couples travelling through trains, many collage love hunters cuddeling in train. Thier sweet and adorable hassel. Mostly the penalty was kiss on cheaks in public places.🙄🙄

Yeah but i never did that kind of thing…rather never got a chance to do so…😂😂😂

There was some up and downs in my life too. During those days I used to observ more and more in local.

The small kids who begged in front of me for a single rupee. A selsmen with swetty shirt traying to convience all the passangers to buy his product, many person who was frustrated with their personnel and proffesional life and much more. Then i realised that everyone has trouble in life the only was to live happy is accept the truth and face the difficulties.

One more experience i want to share is for few month i had travelled through handicapped coach.

I have seen the totaly different world there. The person who were dumb was sharing their feelings and thoughts with each other through action. They have found a way to tackle their dissability.

I have seen that the person who was blind helped another blind peron to board in the coach. Yes I have seen the person who do not have hand was supporting to another person. I have seen the Humanity there😊.

There are many of us who think this trvelling is so irritating. It is, but we can also look at this things from other positive point of view. We will get really nice experience and leanrning from this.

This local is a best teacher who teaches with fees just of monthly pass. And sometime for free of cost to the passangers like me who mostly travel without ticket 😂😂.
Please share your experience and learning during such local travelling…i would like to know about it..

– shubham❤

Ex-Best friend….

Best friend…who becomes your ex-best friend is the person whoes memories will make you cry.

Even I used to have one best friend who was just brother from another mother. We used to talk daily and share all our personal daily affairs and love affairs too😂😂. He was with me during all my difficulties without complaining (Atleast i thought that).

It was all good till the day, when my another best friend who was a girl (but not gf) leaves me with very harsh comments for unknown reason. She not even want to share me the reason. Atlast what i get to know that reason was me and my extra caring nature. This was the first shock due to which I loose faith from friendship.

Yes I really love my friends and take care of them too. But now I think its better to mind with my own business, because NO ONE CARES; Not even your best friend.

Now what left in my life was my best male friend. My so called brother…

I used to stay disturb and upset because of recent incident. I started to seek help from my best friend. Even he try to support me. But i was just gone in depression. I thought he will support me even at this situation. But I was wrong.

After some day he starts avoiding me. He never told me the reason on my face but keeps avoiding me. And here i thought i am loosing my another best firend. 

And the finally day arrived where i got all my answers, when we few friends went for holidays, My head got injured and as usual all other friends hand overed my all responsibility to my best friend.

I was in my hard time where all mask of friendship was started to fallen.

I tried not to bother anyone. 

And that night after just one glass of wine all truth came out from my best friend. He told me that, “all this are problems just of you. I went here to enjoy holidays not to take care of you. I have my own life to enjoy. You are so negative and how much i carry you with me as a responsibilty. Whnever you opens your mouth you start to beg for my help”

So that was the movement i realised that the person whom i believed most, that he will support me in any situation. Even he is having problem with me. From that day I stopped to share my problems with any of my friends. I started to live lonely and boaring life. Which now i liked the most.

And funniest part is on next day when he was normal…he was not even aware about what happned last night. For him it was just one day of hoilday that passed away; and for me it was all my believe and a beautiful friend that passed away.

I never shared this incident i just enjoy the fake friendship and its fake promises. But yeah surely I am much stronger than those days.

Just few lines in hindi which I wrote and read everyday like a prayer; just to remind myself not to fall in friendship again and not to belive anyone.

Mere bhi kuchh khas dost hua karte the jamane me….

Jo jindgi ki sabse badi seenkh de gaye.

Apna samaj unse unka wakt manga tha….

Wo tohafe k naam par mehengi wali ghadi bheek de gaye

– Ex best friend 


Mallakhamb Day….Born of new era in sports.

What are you thinking…surely the title is different…yeah…Mallakhamb- new word for many of you. So let me proudly tell you that it is the sport of Indian origin. Which is growing very fast among youth worldwide.

First of all let me clear; I am not expecting any likes or commments from this post. Still if you found this interesting then do like. It is just my goodluck that I am a sportsman and part of this wonderfull game. I just want to spread awarenss regarding this sport on occasion of First Mallakhamb Day celebrating on 15th june 2017 all over world : The sport which tought me decipline, petions and power to handle worse.

So friend,

Here is something interesting about it ….

Mallakhamb is a traditional Indian sport in which a gymnast performs aerial yoga postures and wrestling grips in concert with a vertical stationary or hanging wooden pole, cane or hanging rope. The word mallakhamba also refers to the pole used in the sport. The pole mallakhamba is usually made from the Seesham (Indian Rosewood) polished with castor oil.

Three popular version of mallakhamba are practiced using the sheesham pole, cane or a rope. It is for both girls and boys.

Mallakhamba derives from the terms malla which denotes a wrestler and khamba which means a pole. Literally meaning “wrestling pole”, the term originally referred to a traditional training implement used by wrestlers. Mallakhamb keeps body slim, hardens muscles and ensures the proper degree of tension for each.

One statement describes the Mallakhamb very clearly…


So friend I will request you if possible please share information about this indian sport. And instead of giving more time in gym try this sport which can give more benifite.

Please do watch videos and google it for info and do share about this sport among your friends.

Wish you all a Happy Mallakhamba Day in advance….✌

Heap of Expectation…

Life…god gifted us to enjoy to spread happiness😃

Really🤔 I mean really we do it or try for the same. I guess No…correct?

We have just made our life a Heap of Expectation.

Since our childhood till date we are surrounded with many expectation. Expectation of parent, lover, friends, society and even expectation of our own soul. And thats a bitter truth.

When we were child; we were expecting high class school with stylish bags and attire even though parents could not afford. We were expecting tteachers should treat us good, no homework should be there, we should be the topper of class etc etc.

Again during our mattriculum we were expecting high score in exams, good collage. After all we were under burden of lots of expectations; expectations of parents, teachers, relatives and many more. 

After all this we got admission to any one good collage. (Either by god grace or by jack of our parent, governments reservations and very rarely on our own merit). What I thought was now battle of that expectation is ended. But collage is the maine turning point of our life; where one more person starts expectation from us….that ourself (our ego) .. which was not in our nature till school life.

We start expecting a luxuries lifestyle. If let example of boy. He ask his parent for a new bike, stylish watch and many other things.

We are part of one group of collage where we expects everyones attention. We expect that even I should have a lovely gf/bf (the most useless expectation during collage life). We again start to expect something from them gf/bf.

Mostly Girls expect that her bf should spend lots of money for her and boys expect her time, attension and something owkward mostly. Even after some battles they expect that they should not leave each other. Height of expectation is when they aks “We will be together for life long”.

I mean really you even can’t predict that whether you will alive tommorow or not. How can you ask about lifelong togetherness.

Ok matter of expectation doesn’t closed yet. After all this we expect that our parents should agree for relation.

Again after marriage lots of expectation from wife , children, In-laws (specially that guy whou call us jijaji is the person who expects more than anyone else)😂😂.

In between all this battle of expectation we still expect for a happy life. And that a great joke. It is just like You are expecting love from laden😅.

At last after all this thought i will just request you to stop expecting lot from life and enjoy in life.

Again I EXPECT you all will think over it😊.

One motivation thing to all those who faced break-up recently….

For boys..

Bus, Train aur Ladki ek gayi to dusri aati he….

For girls…

Taxi, Auto aur Ladke 1 bulao to 10 aa jate he…😂😂😂

So stay happy and spread happiness…again I just expect😉😉

– Shubham


वाचक … प्रत्येक लेखकाच्या; अगदी स्वयंघोषित असला तरीही.. त्याच्या आयुष्यातील एक महत्त्वाची व्यक्ती.

कोणीतरी आपल लेखन वाचतंय (कंटाळवाणं असलं तरीही) याचं मानसिक समाधान !!! पण माझ्यासारख्या नवख्या (स्वयंघोषित) लेखकासाठी एक शिक्षक…

आशा आहे की.. दाद नाही मिलाली तरी नवीन काहीतरी शिकायला मिळेल. त्याचाच हा शुभारंभ 😎…

Swagat Nahi Karoge Hamara….🙄🙄🙄