Award – Get to Know me tag..

Hi friendss,

Hope you are doing great!.First of all,I want to thank inkgirllandwords,the creator of getting to know me tag. Beacause of that i recieved this.

A special thanks to my dear friend shayra ❤️ who nominated me for this award. She is one of my favorite and  really dear to me. She is a kind and lovely person who will keep motivating you. Do visit her blog. Her blog is as wonderful as she is.

Thanks sweetheart 😘😘😘.



1)Answer the questions given  above.

2)Credit the Creator of the Tag.

3)Nominate 5/+ bloggers


Answering questions by Shayra…

1)How long you have been blogging? – It’s around 02 month. Even shayra started that time – 3 months ago. My first post was on 10th June. so exactly 02 months today.

and I have got many sweet friendss here like shayara, sacchi, Richa, Nishita, shradhha, Hati03nisa, and many amazing like all of you 💝💝 who always keep supporting me.

3 months and the journey is amazing .Thanks to my blogger’s friends💝💝

2)Do you enjoy tags?

I love to receive it because it shows that the person knows us and he actually count us in his top follower FRIENDS… When i get any award i think that it is a chance to show my love other follower friends by nominating me. So if anyone is getting nominated by me can consider that i actually love them ❤️ . and the person who nominates me, is by default a lovely person to me.

3)Do you follow blogs which follow you?

Yes off course. If someone follows i like to know what kind of person he or she is. I try to pick new things from them.

4)Describe your blog in 5 words?

I will use five sentence…

  1. Because of betrayed Friendship
  2. To bleed friendship emotions
  3. To forget some friends
  4. To get new friends
  5. to love my friends again.

5)How many posts you have made ,(except this one)?

29 post and I am trying to write various topics. Even few days ago I tried to write on erotic emotions and Sex you can say (I was quite nervous for that actually but still i did)…. I will try book review also. I want to explore and try to touch all such new topics…

Thanks for your support guys.


6)On a scale of 1-10,how much you enjoy blogging?

I love blogging here. I can write anything. What I think or what i observe, feel all i can put here. And important thing is i find many wonderful friends here and list is still updating.

7)Posts some link to blogs to enjoy reading ?

You can pic any of my follower friends, All are good. You will get all topics, motivational, love, erotics, culture, books, daily stuff, journey everything.


Still you want to visit best blog then you can keep visiting my blog…😂😂😂

8)Writing or reading posts?

Both but i like to learn more, so i prefer to read more posts.

Nominees are:-

I would like to nominate my new follower friend this time  as it is get to know me.

I would love to build bond with them too.

  1. Suvarna Barge (Megha)


4. Jyoti
Same questions for the nominees.😊
Best of luck to all,
and thanks shayra once agian 😘.
– Shubham  ❤️

13 Replies to “Award – Get to Know me tag..”

  1. Thanks a lot shubham , You are such a kind soul 💝.Though I avoid reading intense posts, still I will read your erotics posts as you are so kind and loving person.Sorry, If you feel bad through my words on previous post.

    Liked by 1 person

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